Barangays told to post cellphone numbers of Punong Barangays, BHERT members

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) has directed all Punong Barangays to post or display their cellphone numbers as well as that of the members of the Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT).

In Memorandum Circular No. 2022-046 issued last April 18, 2022, DILG Secretary Eduardo Año said that despite the release of issuances on BHERT, the department continues to receive complaints, issues and concerns involving unavailable contact details of barangays, absence of BHERT members, and the contention that the public is not aware of the existence of BHERT who can provide assistance in times of health emergency, among others.

To immediately respond to health emergencies of the constituents and to provide them with the necessary assistance, all Punong Barangays are directed and reminded to create the Barangay’s Official Facebook (FB) Account or other social media platforms/accounts and endure to create a BHERT page within such FB account or in any social media account, which may contain the name and contact details of BHERT members and may feature BHERT activities and other information, the DILG stated.

The village chiefs were also instructed to post or hand a poster/tarpaulin in conspicuous places within the barangay, containing the active telephone number of the barangay and other contact details such as e-mail address and/or social media account; name of the Punong Barangay and his/her active cellphone numbers; and, the name, designation and active cellphone numbers of the members of BHERT;

In explaining the directive, Sec. Año said the Department has issued various Circulars which specify the roles and responsibilities of the Punong Barangay and other barangay officials in the implemenration of programs, projects, activities and interventions to curtail the spread of COVID-19.

These policies also mandate the members of the BHERT to perform vital roles, which include among others, the conduct of contact tracing which is essential in the continued pursuit to break the chain of COVID-19 transmission that are prevalent in the barangays, the DILG chief added.

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