Islander in the City by Pablo A. Tariman:


VP Leni Robredo reaching out to a boy as she motors to a Cavite rally. Photo: Aica Dioquino.

My latest poem, Snapshot, has reached more than 8 million netizens and still counting as of March 10.

Figure doesn’t include  the other sites and walls of more than 3000 netizens who shared the poem.

The latest poem set a new record unknown in poetry sharing on the internet.

My last two super viral poems – Grief Without Words and Infant in my Mind – reached only a little over 6 million netizens.

Let  the netizens comment on my latest poem:

Jaime Fabregas: “Beautiful poem!”:

National Artist for Music Ryan Cayabyab: “I love this poem! Very touching ang words. Ganda ng photo!”

Judith Angeles: “Heartwarming poem!! VP Leni truly inspires the youth.”

Nelia Mitra: “Poem really tugs at the heart. So touching!”

Ros Torregoza Tito: “The smile of the boy is contagious after meeting the lady of the hour!”

Maria Leny Felix: “So touching photo and a fitting poem!”

Jane Padua Carmona: “What an inspiring photo and a lovely poem!”

Patricia Ordoñez-Reintar: “Couldn’t help crying seeing seeing the beautiful photo and the moving poem.”

Belinda Olivares-Cunanan: “Look at that happy face of the boy as Leni reaches out to him! Your poem hit the nail on the head.”

Carol Bautista Adviento: “Beautiful! Poem has vision and a good instinct.”

θρίρα Μάια Κλαρίσα Κασσάνδρα: “That little boy is the Philippines right now, looking into the eyes and placing their trust in a true servant leader.”

Jerry R. Yapo: “Compelling!”

Flory Mendoza: “Beautiful shot, beautiful poem!”

Franco Belo: “Such a tear-jerker (of a poem). Beautifully written.”

Gloria Borromeo Despuig: Why does this poem bring tears to my eyes? ”

Vicky Marie P. Espiritu: “Wonderful poem! Lump on my throat! ”

Riki Occiano: “I’m putting the poem to the pic and will save for personal use to remind me of the feelings that this pic and poem elicited from me today.”

Athena Gorospe: “Such a beautiful poem!”

Miguelito Herrera: “Teary eyed while reading this poem.”

Gemma Camu Rodriguez:”Nakakaiyak naman. So sublime.”

* * *



What’s in this picture

Of a happy boy reaching out

To the hand of a woman

With familiar face?


He probably knew her

From newspaper photos

Or more from TV clips

Addressing huge crowds.


Suddenly he saw her

Passing by

In person this time

Reaching out to him

With a happy face.


He probably wondered

Why she stopped

Just to greet him.


All at once


Is touching a hand

Of a human being

Famous, if, compassionate

With a smile of recognition

Warming up the soul

Of a boy

Saying goodbye

To early childhood.


Years from now

He would say to himself

‘I met her once

And she’s warm

And kind

As though she knew me

From way back.’


Or could it be

That she shook his little hand

With his future in mind?

* * *

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