The Tribune marks 41 years of public service

Today, March 2, 2022, the Catanduanes celebrates its 41st founding anniversary.

Since the late founding publisher Fredeswindo T. Gianan Sr. put out the first issue in February 1981 shortly after the lifting of Martial Law, it has survived the test of time, super typhoons, prickly politicians and lately the pandemic.

This is the 2,133rd weekly issue of the community paper, a gargantuan accomplishment considering that putting all the news, photos, articles and columns into one readable tabloid took all the resources of the mostly one-man operation.

That not one issue has been missed is enough evidence of the Tribune management’s commitment to bringing to the attention to the public the relevant happenings in the island province.

With the campaign for local posts just three weeks away, the Tribune is determined more than ever to cover the political situation and report as well on how the provincial government and the 11 towns have been governed by their leaders in the past three years.

Hopefully, this would help the electorate decide whether to extend the terms of reelectionists or to bring in new blood to local governance.

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