Seven of 10 marriages in 2021 held in church

Actual marriages in Catanduanes, included those contracted in church ceremonies, rebounded to pre-pandemic levels last year, according to preliminary marriage statistics released last week by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

The special release of the Catanduanes Provincial Statistical Office showed that the actual number of marriages reported in the island province in 2021 reached 1,017.

This is more than three times the 304 marriages registered in 2020 at the height of the coronavirus pandemic and during the implementation of the nationwide community quarantine.

It is likewise 13% more than the 894 weddings contracted in 2019, Tribune research showed.

The capital town of Virac had the highest number of marriages reported with 331, followed by San Andres with 144 and Pandan with 141.

The town of Panganiban had the lowest number of marriages reported in 2021 with only 23.

Almost a third of the actual marriages in 2021 involved grooms aged 25-29 years old while 38.6% involved brides aged 25-29 years old.

Comparing within age groups, it can be observed that more females married at a younger age than males, as the number of brides were greater than the number of grooms for aged 24 years old and below. The number of grooms were greater for males 30 years old and above.

However, when comparing across age groups, 45.1% of the total grooms and 61.8% of the total brides were 29 years old and below. Consistently, majority of the grooms and brides from all the municipalities were 25-29 years old.

The youngest age for groom and bride reported was 18 years old while the oldest age reported for groom was 71 years old and 67 years old for the bride.

In terms of residence of groom and bride, Virac has the highest number of marriages in 2021.

There were 300 grooms and 285 brides who reported that their residence was in the capital town, comprising about 29.5% of the total number of grooms and 28.0% of brides who married in 2021.

The municipality of Panganiban had the lowest number of groom and bride hailing from the town, which accounts for the second smallest population among the 11 towns behind Gigmoto.

Seven out of 10 marriages contracted through church ceremony

Of the total actual marriages in 2021, 69.5% were contracted through church ceremonies, 28.0% were contracted through civil ceremonies and 2.5% were contracted in other religious rites.

Tribune research showed that this is a complete reversal of what occurred in 2020 when 57.9% of the marriages were made in civil rites while church weddings accounted for only 37.5%.

The municipality of Caramoran had the highest number of marriages contracted in church with 85.4% of their total actual marriages in 2021, followed by Bagamanoc with 81.5%.

The town of Viga had the least number of marriages officiated in church with only 18 out of 39 done in church or 46.2%.

PSA data stated that the Crude Marriage Rate (CMR) for the province of Catanduanes in 2021 was at 3.7.

The CMR is a gross measure of the level of the relative frequency of marriages in an area for a year. It expresses additions, by the formal means of legal marriage, being made to the married segment of the total population.

Among the 11 towns, the municipality of Bato had the highest CMR for 2021 at 4.2, just above the 4.1 for the capital town of Virac. On the other hand, Viga had the lowest CMR at 1.8.

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