Sacerdos in Aeternum | Rev. Fr. Rommel Molina Arcilla:

Lord, Strengthen Our Faith

Fear and a lot of it had been injected within our systems. The fear of getting infected with the Covid19
Virus with its multiplying variants, the fear of the unimaginably powerful typhoons, and maybe the fear of
not knowing what has the future has in store for us. We already have our own fears but sometimes it can
strike us make us frozen and empty on what to do just to move on as usual.
The threat of the Covid-19 did not have a big impact on me because I still believe that it is like an ordinary
disease which can be cured. Many died of this virus, I know that, but I had myself injected with the
vaccine simply because I am always fond of travelling to places that I treasure most. Without the vaccine,
I cannot do it easily so I decided to have the doses needed to be fully vaccinated. I am still virus-free, at
least with this Covid-19, but it is not because of the vaccine… it is because God loves me so dearly that
He will always protect me. Driving me motorbike at its top speed is much more deadly, but I am still here
after those vehicular accidents. God’s love for me is more than enough but I decided not to abuse it that
is why I am learning how to drive slow and cool.
I have a fear of strong typhoons which, as we may observe, typhoons are becoming stronger and
stronger as days pass us by. However, I am afraid not just for my own safety, but more about the safety
of those people who are living near the shorelines and near the big mountains. They can be swallowed up
alive by the waves of the sea or they can be buried alive with just a single landslide. For me, at least I am
residing in a convent which survived the fury of the strongest storm that I experienced in my life. For as
long as the church bells are there intact, I will always be safe… again, because God loves me so.
If there is a kind of fear that I am so worried about is the fear of not knowing the future of our country, the
future of the Filipino people, and the future of our own lives. When I was younger, the Philippines was a
paradise for me. I just did not try nor make any effort to look for that forbidden tree that was planted in this
paradise. We have a potable water everywhere, we have plenty of rice and vegetables to feed ourselves,
and here in Catanduanes, we are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean where we get those first-class variety
of fishes that we eat. We practically have here in this island everything that we need just to survive.

Now, this picture is just a part of our history. The water that we drink each day had to be bought from the
water-refilling stations. We are now importing rice and other basic commodities from other countries, and
the seas no longer give us the usual benefits because we abused all these God-given gifts and we are
now in a real disaster. I really do not know what will happen to all of us in the next few decades. We are
all afraid, and yet, we just sit there and do nothing to remedy our miserable situation. Of course, there are
a lot of other people who are doing everything that they can but not to help our beloved country to
recover, but just to enrich themselves and propagate their power.
If this is the situation right now, and I am sure that we are all aware of it, what do we really need to do in
order to help?
We have a chance to improve our lives and significantly lessen our fears. The next election is the chance
for us to put out the hell-fire that is ravaging our lives which is given to us by some corrupt and evil-
minded politicians and I am sure you know them. They are still in power and they are doing every means
so stay in power and continue their evil plots and plans. They even merge, just like those devils who
attack mortal men like us, just to be sure that they have all the power to erase the Pink Threat. I am still
hopeful, though that, as was before, goodness will always win over evil and the powers of hell can never
defeat the power of God.
If we want to see even just an ember of hope for our country, we all have the responsibility to choose the
right leaders. Otherwise, we really have to accept that harsh reality that our country is into a deep trouble
of going down into the pit of hopelessness, poverty and corruption. Our children will be the ones to suffer
the most.
I only have two criteria (qualifications) for the right leaders that we must put in their proper areas of
service. First, that he or she must be a God-fearing person and not the one who can easily blaspheme
God by calling God a foolish God. People without the fear of God is a god in themselves and they can
treat us all like slaves. Second, that the right leader must have a moral ascendancy and have a great
respect for human dignity. If the people whom we will vote for will pass these criteria, there will be a lot of
improvements in our lives.
There is still hope for us because God is always here with us. We only need to open up ourselves to God
and heed His guidance and always pray that He may strengthen our faith in His love.

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