Catanduanes, 9 towns among 2021 Good Financial Housekeeping passers

The provincial government of Catanduanes as well as nine municipal local government units are among those who passed the 2021 Good Financial Housekeeping

The nine towns which passed the evaluation conducted by the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) are Bagamanoc, Baras, Bato, Caramoran, Gigmoto, San Andres, San Miguel, Viga and Virac.

Only the municipalities of Panganiban and Pandan were not among the list released recently.

The Seal of Good Financial Housekeeping (SGFH) is conferred only on LGUs which comply with accounting and auditing standards, rules and regulations.

These include Unqualified or Qualified Commission on Audit Opinion of the immediately preceding year as well as Compliance with the Full Disclosure Policy of Local Budget and Finances, Bids and Public Offerings such as Annual Budget, Statement of Receipts and Expenditures, Annual Procurement Plan or Procurement List, and Bid Results On Civil Works. Goods and Services and Consulting Services, among others.

SGFH is one of the six area assessments for an LGU before it can be awarded the SGLG or Seal of Good Local Governance.

Other SGLG variables include Disaster Preparedness; Social Protection that is sensitive to the needs of vulnerable sectors like women, children, senior citizens, indigenous peoples and persons with disability (PWD), among others; Business-Friendliness and competitiveness that demonstrates good performance in business promotion as a result of business-friendliness or competitiveness assessment by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry or the National Competitiveness Council;

Peace and Order that shows considerable efforts in maintaining peace and order in the community by adopting a Local Anti-Criminality Action Plan or Peace and Order Council Action Plan; and Environmental Management, or displaying substantial efforts in safeguarding the integrity of the environment.

In a separate report, the Commission on Audit stated that Catanduanes remained the “poorest” provincial LGU in Bicol region as of 2020 with just P3.6 billion in assets, far below Camarines Sur’s P13.2 billion.

The island province also had total liabilities of P1 billion and equity of P2.64 billion.

During the same year, it generated total revenues of P1.02 billion and spent a total of P773 million.

Among the 11 municipalities, Virac as the capital town was on top with assets of P983 million and liabilities of P222 million.

Here’s the asset figures for the other towns (liabilities in parentheses): San Andres, P386-M (P116-M); Caramoran, P342-M (P119-M); Viga, P217-M (P71-M); Bagamanoc, P212-M (P66-M); Baras, P204-M (P52-M); Bato, P174-M (P52-M); Pandan, P170-M (P44-M); Gigmoto, P159-M (P33-M); San Miguel, P94-M (P23-M); and, Panganiban, P93-M (P56-M).

The capital town of Virac also generated the biggest revenue among the 11 towns during 2020, with P270 million as against expenses of P241 million.

The revenue-expense figures for the rest of the LGUs: Caramoran, P151-M (165-M); San Andres, P145-M (143-M); Viga, P114-M (P103-M); Pandan, P109-M (96-M); San Miguel, P93-M (P78-M); Bato, P91-M (P77-M); Gigmoto, P87-M (P65-M); Baras, P83-M (P80-M); Bagamanoc, P77-M (P65-M); and, Panganiban, P73-M (P69-M).

Among the municipal LGUs, only Caramoran suffered a deficit in its 2020 operations, with its expenses overshooting its revenues by P15.3 million.

The other 10 towns all generated surpluses: Virac, P23.5-M; Gigmoto, P21.2-M; San Miguel, P13.5-M; Bato, P12.8-M; San Andres, P12.2-M; Baras, P11-M; Bagamanoc, P10.8-M; Pandan, P9.2-M; Viga, P8.8-M; and Panganiban, P3.1-M.

The COA report also said that among the 315 barangays in Catanduanes, only 213 submitted their Financial Statements (FS), with only those in Gigmoto (nine), Viga (31) and San Andres (38) all complying with the FS requirement.

In contrast, only five of the 29 barangays in Baras had the FS while only three out of 27 in Caramoran submitted the document.

Here’s the numbers for complying villages in the other six towns: Pandan, eight of 26 barangays; Bagamanoc, 10 of 15 barangays; San Miguel, 12 out of 24; Bato, 19 out of 27;  Panganiban, 19 out of 23; and, Virac, 59 out of 63.

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