COVID-19 death toll hits 50

A record high of 120 new cases was logged by health authorities last week as the death toll from the coronavirus diseases reached 50.
Forty of the new COVID -19 cases are from Virac with another 19 from Viga and 17 from San Andres. The others came from San Miguel (12), Bagamanoc (6), Bato (6), Baras (4), Caramoran (3), Pandan (1) and Gigmoto (1).
As of midnight Saturday, Sept. 24, 2021, the active cases in the island reached 191, including a resident of Camarines Sur who is confined at a local hospital, the Provincial Health Office said in its report.
The 190 active local cases are distributed as follows: Virac, 69; Viga, 34; San Andres, 22; San Miguel, 22; Bato, 14; Bagamanoc, 12; Panganiban, 6; Gigmoto, 4; Caramoran, 3; Baras, 3; and, Pandan, 1.
Of these, 168 are either on quarantine in their homes or government isolation facilities while 19 have been admitted in hospitals.
Seventy-three (73) are asymptomatic while 107 have mild symptoms, with five moderate cases, one severe and one critical case.
The new cases brought the total number of confirmed cases in Catanduanes to 1,422, with 1,185 deemed to have recovered.
Six more patients died from complications brought by the coronavirus disease last week, two each from Virac and San Andres, and one each from Caramoran and Panganiban.
Over the weekend, a considerable number of cases were recorded in several barangays in five towns.
Thirteen cases were detected in Ananong, Viga while seven were found to have contracted the disease in Palta Salvacion, Virac.
One of the six deaths last week came from Esperanza. San Andres, which saw five cases last week, while another fatality came from Salvacion, San Andres which had four new cases.
Five residents of Calatagan Proper, Virac also tested positive, including two employees of a commercial bank while a total of 10 cases were recorded in District 1 (6), District 2 (3) and District 3 (1), all in San Miguel town.

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