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The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Mary’s assumption into heaven was defined as a dogma of faith by Pope Pius XII on November 1, 1950. This dogma contains our belief that Mary was taken up to heaven body and soul. Anyway, that is the summary of this dogma of faith and I do believe this to be true.


Mary was taken up to heaven, as we believe, because of the grace of God bestowed on her as the mother of God, her being the God-bearer (Theotokos), her Immaculate Conception, and her perpetual virginity. Logically, considering all these graces bestowed on this woman who was chosen among women by God himself, the easiest conclusion we can arrive at is to believe that, indeed, she was taken (assumed) into heaven body and soul.


I am not trying to give a lecture or a position paper regarding this dogma of faith, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I am just trying to mention this because we have just celebrated this feast last Sunday, and this dogma is one of the best proofs that heaven is real, and Jesus and Mary and all the Saints have gone ahead of us in that state of blessedness.


I presume that, as believers, we already know our destiny. I mean, the path that we need to take in order to arrive at that destiny is very clear to us even at this very moment. As Christians, all of us I suppose are dreaming to be part of God’s kingdom after our earthly life. This the reason why we try our best to do good because it is written in God’s commandment. This is the reason why we pray for our beloved dead, so that they may also be accepted in that kingdom aside from their sinful way of life when they were still alive. God’s kingdom is our inspiration to continue to stand again aside from the many times that we have fallen to our own self-centeredness and sinfulness.


However, based on some observations, I really wonder if we have a clear understanding of what we really want to achieve in life as believers. We are on a journey and we know that the kingdom of God is our destination. But it makes me think twice because what we do in our own journeying is not actually a journey that leads us closer to that kingdom but away from it most of the time.


To choose the kingdom of God before all else is an easy decision to make and, I believe all of us may have done it already. But to do all the things that it entails is more than a burden for most of us. We have chosen the kingdom, the pearl of great price, but we continue to throw it to the dogs especially when we are confronted with some issues that pertain to an easy way out to our problems, even if it is immoral, or when it means an easy money, even if the process is illegal. In things like these, our choice of the kingdom is always forgotten and we always succumb to those temptations to gain power, riches and fame.


We are hoping and we are hopeful that we will be part of God’s kingdom, a worthy resident or citizen of that kingdom when we die and leave everything behind. However, this longing will not become a reality if we continue to show that, in this life, we have never manifested that ultimate choice especially when it is confronted with the opposite, this material world and all its riches.


Obedience to God’s will is a requirement, and we all know that by heart. We want to follow the will of God, but following His will stops when we realize that to continue walking in His road will only lead us to the cross. My dear friends, let me put it clear that obedience to God’s will is nothing else but embracing the cross of Christ, our surest way to saving our own souls. To make a lot of sacrifices in this world and to embrace our own death as our sharing in the Paschal Mystery of Jesus is buying our own ticket in order to pass the test and eventually enter the kingdom of heaven where Jesus, Mary and all the Saints have gone ahead of us. May we be worthy enough to enter it, too, by the merit of our good deeds and noble intentions. God bless us all!

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