Man hacks nephew in abaca strippers’ feud

An abaca stripper is now recuperating from his wounds at Viga district hospital after he was hacked several times by his own uncle during a liquor-fueled quarrel.

The town police said that Danilo Panti Tubeo, 62, and Rafael Ogena Tubeo, 65, were engaged in a drinking session along with two other companions in the latter’s house in barangay Sta. Rosa at 1pm of July 21, 2021 when an argument erupted between the two abaca strippers.

Rafael managed to wrest Danilo’s bolo, using it to hack his nepher nine times in the different parts of his body.

Upon receiving the report, police personnel proceeded to Sta. Rosa and, in the presence of barangay chairman Ricky Tenso, arrested Rafael in his residence. The 36-cm. bolo was also recovered at the house.

Investigators have yet to pinpoint what sparked the argument between the two men.

A criminal case for frustrated homicide is set to be filed by the police against Rafael, who remains in custody at the station.

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