CatSU management audit, reforms are top concerns of Pres. Azanza

SETTING THE TONE for the next four years, Pres. Patrick Alain T. Azanza comes down from the stage at the CatSU gymnasium to make clear to key officials what he intends to do and accomplish in his first 100 days.


Right after the turnover ceremony last Monday, June 28, 2021, the Catanduanes State University’s new president, Dr. Patrick Alain T. Azanza, began a management audit that would be the basis of urgent reforms and significant milestones in his first 100 days in office.

“I want to assess the current status of the University in terms of its overall academic and financial health, as well as the status of its infrastructure projects, especially those affected by the recent typhoon and more importantly, I want to check on the delays of project implementation and see how we can resolve the issues,” he told the Tribune last weekend.

He said he wants the SMART Campus to be in place and the foundations of the technology-driven learning environment to be laid down.

“We have to rationalize the University’s Research Agenda and come up with vital academic and relevant extension programs. I know there is a lot of housekeeping to make and I need to make everyone understand my Vision, Mission, Goals for the University so that it will be crystal clear to all stakeholders, especially the faculty, administrative staff, and the students. They will be our main partners in making my Vision come to fruition, so we need to work hand-in-hand to achieve our University goals,” Dr. Azanza stated.

One of the first things the new president seeks to do is put together a Management Team, with which he would conduct strategic planning and set the standards of the new administration by clearly identifying Key Performance Indicators for its programs and goals.

“I am open to applications, suggestions or recommendations to the available posts. Those who think they can contribute are free to talk to me, and they do not need any padrino or patron. The criteria for selection is qualification, experience, competence, potential, and above all, Integrity, that is with a capital “I”. At the end of the day, I will be responsible for my choices, and my recommendations to the Board,” he stressed.

He also wants to form a Council of Elders, a group of experienced leaders from CatSU who are known for their expertise and integrity, whom he can consult with on very important decisions to be made.

“My office shall adopt an open-door policy so everyone can easily reach the Office of the President, even the janitors, security guards, the contractual, and Job Order staff,” the president disclosed.

“I will set a transparent and consultative approach. I will make sure that there will be strictly no corruption under my administration,” he said. “Thus, this early, I want the CatSU constituents to take this as our battlecry for reforms.”

“I also want equal opportunity and meritocracy to prevail in our academic environment. I believe in inclusivity. There should be mutual respect among all of us. I wish to emphasize Honor and Excellence in everything we will do in the University. We should all be thinking of how the University can help improve the standard of living in the island. We should make ourselves relevant to the community. We should seek and become partners with the local government; the private sector and industries; and even the Diocese as well as other secular groups who wish to help form a strong character among our students,” he added.

CatSU should develop CHED Centers of Excellence and it needs to get into the QS World University Rankings, Pres. Azanza urged as he underscored the need to have more international and local linkages, and benchmark and rationalize curricular offerings.

“It will be a very busy first week for me, but it will definitely set the tone of my Administration,” he told the Tribune.

He likewise revealed a plan to tap and organize the university alumni so they could contribute to their Alma Mater.

The numerous potentials in Public-Private Partnerships, the CREATE and PEZA laws will be harnessed in terms of how the university can maximize the use of its idle resources, along with the crafting of a Comprehensive Land Use Development Plan, he stressed.

Azanza also wants to make sure that the Faculty, Staff and Student Priority Programs are not left out.

“I am actually looking at the first 100 days of my term with a focus on urgent reforms and significant milestones for the University,” the new president said. “With the support of all sectors, I know we can do it.”


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