Tanod drowns in Virac river

A barangay tanod who crossed the Sto. Domingo river to get bamboo poles on the other drowned last week when he was swept away in a deep portion.

The victim was identified as one Rolando Olat, 42, whose body was recovered by responder Bienvenido Panti Jr. and teams from the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) Emergency Rescue Unit, Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PDRRMO), Virac Municipal DRRMO, and the Philippine Coast Guard which scoured the bottom of the river downstream from where the victim was last seen.

According to reports, the victim was trailing several meters away from Barangay Captain Erwin Ligbos, who had already climbed the river bank and had looked back at his companion to see him disappear from view, with only a hand showing above the river’s surface.

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) Virac Fire Station is still investigating the cause, origin and damage of last week’s fire in San Pedro that razed an old wooden building filled with damaged school supplies.

According to Virac Fire Marshall Insp. Dennis Tadoy, the building caretaker, Joselo Lao, 54, said the former residential house owned by Salve Valeza of Gogon Centro was being used as a storage room for typhoon-damaged school supplies of Berzo Trading which is operated by Erna Asuncion.

He claimed that the house had no electrical supply and at about 10 P.M. of Jan. 10, 2021, he used a  mosquito coil.

The spot investigation report stated that at 5:40 A.M. of Jan. 11, one Danny Talan came to the fire station and informed FO1 April Rose Borras about the ongoing residential fire incident.

Fire Engine Company #04 driven by FO3 Marjoe Isorena and Fire Enginer Coy #01 driven by FO1 Issa Janda immediately went to the scene together with duty persons.

Insp. Tadoy, as ground commander, raised the assessment of the fire to 1st Alarm, as personnel from the BFP provincial office, SFO1 Mariano Marino and retired Insp. Nelson Marino arrive to assist in the effort, with the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (MDRRMO) sending its water tanker truck to supply water to Fire Engine Coy #04.

The blaze was later declared fire out at 7:32 A.M., with no casualty or injury among civilians and BFP personnel.

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