Sacerdos in Aeternum:

Children of God

Our knowledge of who or what God is, always depends on our experience of Him. For most of us, God is the creator of the whole universe, a very powerful God. Some of us may look at God as the Savior of the world when God chose to be one like us and when He died on the cross for our salvation. Still, for some others, God is a forgiving God who is always ready to forgive and have pity on us even if we commit almost the same sins everyday in our life. God can be known as the God of love, who showers His graces both on the good and the bad. We all have our own knowledge of who our God is. It is a pity, though, that there are some morons who look at God as a foolish God simply because God cannot fit into their miserable lives and worldly ambitions.


The Feast of the Santo Niño, which we have celebrated last Sunday, introduces to us a God who is just a child. It is not because we can just let him do what we want, our selfish desires and all that, but it is to present to us an example of who we must be in the eyes of God. Of course, that we must be like a child in His eyes, a child who always enjoy being with his/her parents, a child who always do the will of his/her parents no matter what. This is the most ideal knowledge that God can have of us but, to be child-like in God’s eyes, is also the hardest thing to do for most of us.


If we can ask God who we are in His eyes, I believe we will hear different answers, and those answers will depend on how we let God see our person. Maybe God knows me as a menace of the society with all my troubles, problems, misdeeds and all that. That’s me and I do accept that fact of my life. But I also believe that He is aware of some goodness in me that only comes out in the open once in a blue moon. Maybe He knows me as a priest with all my struggles to be just like the priest He is. I really do not know, but I pray that after all had been said and done, He will know me to be just a child who tried to follow everything that He wished for me… even if I always failed Him. I know He always loves me as I am and I am His son and He is my Father and friend.


Who we are or what we are in God’s eyes depend on how we let ourselves be known by Him. He gives us all the graces we need each day but our cooperation to make those graces work in us is a must for us. We may have all the graces around us, but they will be useless if we will not allow them to have a meaning in our day-to-day experiences and dealings with others. The sad part, though, is the fact that most of us tend to choose not the grace but the easier way of life which is almost synonymous to evil deeds, corruption and sin.


The pandemic is still present and active within us, the strong typhoons which passed us by left us with lots of problems and hopelessness. These things may not be graces but we can always drive out some good things from them, if we will only allow it to happen. For those who are endowed with more than enough riches, this is your time to be known by God as generous people to your own kind, especially those who are suffering and those who may have lost everything that the value in their own lives. For those who have power and much influence on other people, maybe this is also your chance to make good use of your power and connections so it will benefit our lowly brothers and sisters. We all have our own way of changing things for the better and we only need that firm decision to let is show and so that God will recognize us to be His faithful children.


Things around us are getting so challenging each day and it seems that this world is now an arena where only the toughest of all remains standing. On the brighter side of it, however, we can make these not-so-good events that are taking place to be tools for us to grow and not as obstacles for us to throw. We are all God’s children and God is expecting each and everyone of us to follow and obey His commandment however challenging it may be. We are just His children and, with God as our Father, He will always protect us from all evil. God bless us all!

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