Police hunt 3 armed men who robbed Virac store

A manhunt has been launched by the Virac police station to locate and apprehend three members of an armed robbery gang who held up a mid-sized grocery store in Sto. Domingo last week.

According to a source, the criminals struck at about 7 P.M. of Dec. 14, 2020 when three men on board a motorcycle stopped along the national highway on the other side of the road from a former scouting campsite-turned-resettlement area.

Two of them walked into the grocery reportedly and pretended to be customers while the driver stayed on the motorcycle.

Suddenly, one of them pulled out a gun and pointed at the cashier, demanding that she hand over the contents of the cash register.

She emptied the till of bills amounting to about P5,000 and handed it to the gunman, who along with his accomplice calmly walked outside, fired several shots into the air and boarded the waiting motorcycle which sped towards the Palta area.

Contacted by the Tribune, Virac MPS officer-in-charge Major Antonio Perez confirmed that the incident indeed happened but refused to give other details so as not to jeopardize on-going efforts to arrest the perpetrators.

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