Rev. Fr. Rommel M. Arcilla


There were a lot of undertakings which we decided not to pursue because we were so afraid. Fear can always mean failure for most of us.  Being afraid of the unknown have a crippling effect on us. Fear can turn our dreams into a nightmare, our ambitions into failures, and our talents into incompetence.


Sometimes we have a valid reason to be afraid. First, is the fact that there were a lot of other people who have ventured on the same thing and failed. So, we simply do not want to end up like them. Another thing is the fact that we usually do not have that assurance of success before we start our plans, so we always end up terminating our plans before it can get started.


These scary facts are present because of our need to be assured that we will not end up frustrated and miserable. Failure is one thing that we just cannot accept because it can mean losing our joy, enthusiasm and even our very life. On the other hand, being afraid can save us from misery and bad luck and it can also bring us joy and gladness!


However, if we only have that faith which can move mountains, these negative feelings should be out of the picture, because our faith must push our bravery to the limits. I am talking about our bravery to do exactly what Christ had shown us through his example.


Brave people nowadays are the ones fighting it out in the open to combat and destroy this global pandemic. We can see them as doctors, nurses and those health workers who really do their task selflessly just to save people from getting inflicted with this diabolic disease. They are the ones who are trying to protect our rights and dignity by courageously voting against the anti-terrorism bill.  They are the people who are willing to go out of their usual way just to be able to serve the needy and give hope to those in desolation. We can consider a lot more brave people doing their thing not for profit but for pure service in the name of love.


It is a very sad thing to note, though, that this breed of extraordinary people are becoming so rare nowadays because they are slowly being outnumbered by those beasts, saturated with stupidity, who are out there to destroy and massacre the dignity of human life. This is a reality in our present world and we all feel afraid to go out on the housetops and proclaim the Good News of God’s love!


The message of St. Matthew is truly clear and gives us an inspiration not to be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. We are all being challenged not to be afraid especially during these turbulent times in our world, which is so flooded with almost all forms of evil and crimes against the dignity of human life. Some of us can only cry over these things that are happening far and wide. Some of us would like to shout out loud for change which do not really come that easy for us. Some of us would want to die soon to avoid the experience of worse coming to worst. And so, what must we do now?


Do not be afraid! That is the clear message of Christ for all of us people of today. We must not be afraid to accept His will and live up to our Christian ideals in whatever circumstances we may be facing right now. If hatred and violence seem to rule our land, Christ is telling us not to be afraid showing humility and love all throughout.


In this world filled with diseases, hopelessness, fear and sinfulness, let us proclaim healing, mercy, forgiveness and God’s love to everyone! Let us not be afraid to go out and help others especially those who are sick, lonely, and poor. We are being called to be united as God’s people and fight for our rights and freedom even if it means going against the devil himself.


“Everyone who acknowledges me before others, I will acknowledge before my heavenly Father. But whoever denies me before others, I will deny before my Father.”

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