Servant in God’s House

The lockdown was imposed last March 15, 2020 and it was on a Sunday. We, priests, were advised to cancel even the anticipated masses on March 14. It was all because mass gatherings were prohibited. I was already in a certain barangay chapel when I got the message. So, I told the people who were already gathered in that chapel to just go home because masses in barangay chapels were indefinitely cancelled. An old woman told me: “Ngata man ta kaipuhan na saraduhan ang simbahan saka i-cancel ang mga misa ngunyan? Na mas kaipuhan ta ngani magdasal?” That remark made me change my decision and I proceeded to say mass in that barangay, fully aware that I might end up in jail and at odds again with my superiors.

The Glory of the Ascension

Last Sunday we celebrated the Ascension of Jesus into heaven. After 40 days of preparing his disciples for this final goodbye, He took them out as far as Bethany for His ascension into His throne.

Virac Clergy Support Group Chronicles

The lockdown placed all of us in a very abnormal situation and way of life. We are still suffering the inconveniences of this lockdown up until now. Our movements are so limited and even those important errands that we need to do every day were drastically affected. We can only pray and hope that this feeling of being unfree be over soon.

On Virtual Mass

Since the lockdown was enforced most churches were closed as part of the measures to avoid the spread of the dreaded corona virus or COVID-19. Priests would say mass in private and most of them would have their masses aired through television networks or via live streaming. Personally, I am not against this practice especially during this demonic period in our history. I do believe that this pandemic was not accidentally caused but rather this was hatched by Satanic leaders who are taking pleasure in destroying God’s creation instead of nurturing it and letting it grow.

Holy Week on Lockdown Status

The Holy Week celebration this year is so different from all the celebrations we had in the past years. Churches are closed due to the lock down status in our country because of this Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, celebrations were done on private by priests with some ministers only and people can only watch inside their homes via live streaming or through some TV networks airing the Holy Week celebrations in some churches in the mainland.

(Nothing can separate us from Jesus):


People are afraid and we seem so lost with this present global health issue, the Covid-19. A lot have died already even medical doctors. How can we be not afraid when even those who are experts in fighting off illnesses and diseases, they themselves, also fall victims to this evil disease? The whole world is trying its best to find a miracle cure which seems to be so elusive and hard to find. We have taken a lot of measures to save ourselves from catching this same disease and we have built our own wall and separated ourselves from the rest of humanity with the social distancing remedy.

On the Beauty and Essence of Life

Life as it is today is not beautiful. It is filled up with health issues, divisiveness, inconveniences, and sufferings from almost all aspects of our life. I hate to drive and pass all those checkpoints and I hate to stay in line for an hour, under the heat of the sun, and with a face mask on my face, just to buy my medicines and some basic needs (Marlboro, not included). Only those people who are living in a world of “make-believe” can say otherwise. Looking at our present situation from all sides, we can say that this is bad, and this is evil.

TO BE, OR NOT TO BE (salus animarum)

The present Virus Scare (COVID 19) did it good for most of us. There was the panic buying and people from all walks of life were affected far and wide. There is also the lockdown especially in effect in some key cities around the National Capital Region. Around the world, there is real scare and most people, if not all, are doing their thing to protect themselves from the damages that can even lead to death.