by Pablo Tariman Director Mac Alejandre and Alfred Vargas on the set of Tagpuan.   In this Zoom presscon for Mac Alejandre’s Tagpuan, everyone (including actors and producer) tries very…


by Pablo A. Tariman   Bicolano actor Jericho Rosales reprised his real life Typhoon Ondoy role in 2009 when he (along with wife Kim Jones) picked up his surfboard to…

PAGASA Virac hopeful that “decapitated” Doppler radar could be restored soonest

With its modern Doppler radar at Buenavista, Bato torn off by super typhoon Rolly’s estimated 315-kph gusts, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) in Virac is hoping…

315-kph Rolly the strongest ever tropical cyclone to make landfall

“We were not expecting this kind of typhoon which is stronger than Rosing which hit the island in 1995,” Governor Joseph Cua said at the capitol last week. “I believe…

The President visits Payo

The town was abuzz with news that President Diosdado Macapagal was visiting Payo. It was election year and he was running for reelection against then Senate President Ferdinand Marcos who at age 48 seemed bent on fulfilling the promise he gave to his fellow Ilocanos when he first ran for Congress in 1949. “Elect me to Congress and I will give you an Ilocano president in due time.” President Macapagal on the other hand had a vigorous campaign, visiting even remote and far flung areas like Catanduanes and more remote towns like Payo. The president at that time was 55 years old.

A School Head’s Prayer

So, I pray, Lord, please help me love the school – its teachers, its innocent pupils, and the community. Hence, I would have pupils who are responsible, God-loving, environment protectors and knowledge seekers.

Rizal and Catanduanes (Second of two parts)

In this second part, I will reflect on bits and pieces of my personal experiences of Rizal - not in person of course but in various representations - culled from my growing-up years in Virac. I offer these vignettes as reflective of our attitude towards the national hero, which it will turn out, is complicated and not as positive as we think it is.

Rizal and Catanduanes (First of two parts)

In two days, on June 19, it will be the 159th birth anniversary of Jose Rizal. Surely, Catandunganons know of the national hero. But it should warm their hearts to be informed that Rizal also knew of Catanduanes, and in glowing terms. This can be gleaned from Rizal’s “Annotation of Morga’s ‘Sucesos de las Islas Filipina’”, published in 1889.


But as there are no economic activities, what is to tax? It can of course borrow from the public through a bond flotation for example, or from Bangko Sentral and/or IFIs. It can also simply resort to expansionary monetary policy, i.e. print more money at risk of inflationary effects of such a move. Whatever government does, it has to somehow try to keep the economic engine running lest it grounds to a full halt.