Islander in the City by Pablo A. Tariman:


VP Leni Robredo leading Iloilo bikers. (Photo: Arnold Almacen)

My poem, Woman On A Bike, has reached more than 32,000 netizens in less than three days and still counting.

Praises for the poem from netizens:

Rock Drilon: “It is a beautiful poem about the correlation between biking and governance written by a biker-writer who brought world-class musicians to Iloilo City.”

Ramon Magsaysay: “With this poem, I see a healing, unifying Presidency this May! Writer has both experience and wisdom and courage.”

El Mer Di: “Brilliant!”

Jun Lisondra: “Ganda!  ”

Evelyn Rimando: “Love it! Powerful message.”

Fides Bagasao: “Cleansing rain!”

Dionisia Bejar Dizon: “Very nice poem. Love it!”

Cover of book 100 Poems Para Kay Leni out February 14.. Tariman’s entry is a poem called The Woman On A Motorcycle.

Gina Bernal Rapiñan: “Maganda ang poem”

Maria Cora Sastre: “I had goosebumps reading this poem! Thank you!”

Karen Silva Crisostomo: “Beautiful poem!”

Rody Mabutas: “Nice poem. We can also convert it into a nice song. Wow!”

Ningning Munoz: “Awesome!”

Lilia Rances: “Powerful!”

Bella Saman: “Grabe! Ang ganda ng poem!”

Ferdi Nand: “Super!”

In a latest development, Pablo Tariman’s  poem Woman On A Motorcycle  is included in the anthology Pink Poems Para Kay Leni out on February 14.

Reserve your copy through the Facebook Page of San Anselmo Press.

P330 per copy plus shipment.

Text or call 09065104270


My viral poem in full:




The lady is quite a sight

Riding a bicycle

Leading a sea of riders

In the south.


By instinct

She knows

The importance of balance

And keeping on course

Without losing equilibrium.


In another setting

She can blend

In an island

Ravaged by

Ruthless wind and sea.


She knows

How to listen

And feel the pulse

Of ordinary people

With no roofs

Over their heads

And nothing to eat

On the table.


Her mind

Has a strength

All its own

Quietly probing

Taking away

The flippant

Content with pure logic.


I like her brand of courage

And her sharp mind

Cutting through

A sea of difficult discourse.


One can sense

She likes the value

Of listening

Rather than

Be carried away

By empty rhetoric.


When she speaks

She doesn’t harangue

While common sense flows

Like a cleansing rain

In a sea of charlatans.


No need to think hard

To find out

Who can lead —

Who can inspire —

With an ounce of pure courage

Coming from heart and mind.


The last glimmer of hope

Of the islands

Is a woman

And a mother

Honed by countless storms

And swollen rivers.


Didn’t have to go far

To see

That a woman

On that bike

Will see us through

After years

Riding through the darkness

In the tunnel

Of uncertainty.



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