Positivity rate at a high 53%:

New COVID-19 cases up by 58%

Three new deaths from coronavirus, including an unvaccinated 90-year old woman, were recorded last week, with new COVID-19 cases increasing by 58% compared to that of the previous week.

According to a report of the Provincial Health Office, a 62-year old man from Pandan, who had been vaccinated with the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, died Jan. 16, 2022 while being treated for symptoms at Eastern Bicol Medical Center.

The following day, a 53-year old woman from Viga, who had been jabbed with Sinovac, succumbed to coronavirus complications at Viga District Hospital, with the third, a 90-year old unvaccinated woman from Panganiban, expired at the same hospital.

Data showed that from Jan. 15-21, 2022, a total of 117 new cases were confirmed, compared to 74 a week earlier.

Of the total active cases of 158, Virac has the most number with 45, followed by San Andres (26), Bato (18), Bagamanoc (16), Pandan (12), and Caramoran (9). San Miguel, Baras, Panganiban and Viga have seven (7) each while Gigmoto has four (4).

Of the total, 32 are asymptomatic, 121 have mild symptoms, and only two have moderate symptoms. Majority (135) are either isolated in their homes or government quarantine facilities while only 20 have been admitted in hospitals.

The number of new cases in the past two weeks have more or less stayed the same in Virac, Caramoran, Panganiban, Viga, Baras, Pandan, San Miguel and Gigmoto.

However, the number of new infections jumped up in San Andres from just six to 22 (plus 267%), Bato from four to 14 (plus 250%), and Bagamanoc from one to 14 (plus 1,300%).

The Bed Occupancy Rate of the six COVID-19 hospitals in the province remains barely in the Safe category with 45 of the total 74 beds occupied (60.8%), with only one of the seven mechanical ventilators in use as of Jan. 22, 2022.

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