Islander in the City by Pablo A. Tariman:


The poet with grandson Teo before the new year.

A new day

Is an extended life

After days of grappling

With the unknown.


A new day

Is a new lease on life

Threatened by

Constant fear

Of dying and surviving.


How is it

That your grandson

Can read through

Your fears?


He seemed to know

What the new year

Would be like.


He seemed to sense

A kind of restlessness

Gnawing at your psyche.


But then

Hope is a new day

Even as the hours

Seemed like

Impending death sentence

From the unknown.


It is a given

To greet

A new day

With hope

Even as despondence

Is a daily occurrence.


For once

The roads are clear

After frantic

Holiday bacchanalia.


These are moments

Of stillness

When silence

Evokes a lot

In our battered mind.

When poetry takes the place

Of incessant ranting

In our earthly life.


It is a new day

When reflection

Takes the place

Of noisy erudition.


It is pure bliss

When you find


In the realm

Of silence.

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