Dim prospects for on-line learning

With high-speed internet in the capital town of Virac still about a year away from being realized, the prospect of learning through on-line classes appear dim, not only for students but also among teachers.

Rules, like promises, are made to be broken

Time and again, people have proven that they are prone to breaking the law and whatever guidelines that the government has crafted to benefit majority of its constituents.

Pres. Duterte should order a sweeping probe of COVID-19 expenditures

Many ‘public servants’ occupying high positions in local government, as well as the First Catanduanes Electric Cooperative, Inc. (FICELCO), have a lot of explaining to do in the following days.

The right to come home is universal

Included in Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is the right of every citizen to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of the State.

A second chance at keeping COVID-19 at bay

All close contacts of Catanduanes’ first confirmed COVID-19 case, at least those who swabbed by local health authorities, have tested negative of the presence of the new coronavirus.

Time to adjust tactics, with the virus now in our midst

As bad news travels fast on social media, the Provincial COVID-19 Task Force surely hopes that the reality of the coronavirus in our midst would make Catandunganons think twice about going out and mixing with other members of the public.

Silence and darkness in the war against COVID-19

Take some time to read the following excerpt from an opinion piece in a recent issue of the Daily Mirror, a national daily tabloid in the United Kingdom: “Without journalism, coronavirus would kill more people. Take a moment to think about what the world would be without us.” For a government to order its constituents to stay at home, it needed the media to communicate to the nation the seriousness of the message.

Lack of unified guidelines to bring chaos

Barangay captains in the capital town of Virac who initiated last week’s meeting at Plaza Rizal to discuss issues related to the Enhanced Community Quarantine that they are implementing in their respective villages should be commended for their effort.

Catandunganons’ lives hang in the balance

Two incidents last week vividly illustrated why Acting Governor Shirley Abundo is growing increasingly frustrated at the way the battle to keep COVID-19 at bay is being fought in the municipalities.

The fight against COVID-19 becomes personal

Since January when the Wuhan coronavirus began to spread from China, the provincial government, particularly the Provincial Health Office (PHO) in coordination with the Department of Health (DOH), had been busy establishing a protocol to be followed once the virus arrives in the country. Among these protocols is what to do in case of travelers from areas where local transmission of COVID-19 has been confirmed.