Now that it’s the month of January, we are reminded and obliged to visit our Municipal Treasurer’s Office to settle our obligations to renew our Business Permit or Mayor’s permit…

Letter to the Editor, 2019-01-22

Please help me connect with proper authorities that can improve the image of Catanduanes as a tourist-rich happy island.


Effective leadership is not always contingent on academic excellence. One doesn’t need to be a lawyer, a cum laude or rich to be a good leader. To me, a lot of common sense and good intentions are fundamentally what it takes for someone to ideally lead.


Ano kaya kung sabay-sabay na sumabog ang mga bulkan sa buong Pilipinas? Nakakatakot siguro, ano? Taal volcano pa nga lang kagulo na sa Calabarzon, paano kung magsabay-sabay ang Mayon, Pinatubo, Bulusan, Kanlaon, Taal at iba pang bulkan sa Pinas? Para sigurong malaking delubyo, ano? Pero papaano nga kaya kung mangyaring magkasabay-sabay ang pagsabog ng lahat ng mga bulkan sa Pinas o di kaya sa buong mundo? Imposible ba?

World War II in Catanduanes (Second of Four parts)

Under the Japanese regime, the people lived with extreme austerity and deprivation. Basic commodities were in grave shortage or altogether unavailable so that substitution and improvisation were resorted to. In lieu of the staple rice, people had to feed on root crops, including wild yams (e.g. namu , gamat). They had to make their own salt by boiling sea water. For sugar, they used mahamis locally made from sugarcane juice. Kerosene disappeared in the market. Instead of gas tinterohan, they lit the night using ti-om (clam shell) lamp fueled by oil extracted from coconut. Soap was home-made, again from coconut extracts and lye. Soon, they had to wear scratchy sinamay cloth dyed with locally sourced substances (e.g. achuete for reddish hue, dullaw for yellow). In the countryside, since matches were prohibitively expensive, they maintained a himullang-dan, a log that was eternally burning on one end which had to be tended 24-7.

Weekly Reflections

When the writer's wife entered the room, she found he husband looking sad lost in his thoughts. From behind his back she read what was written on the paper. She left the room silently and came back with another paper and placed it on side of her husband's writing.

Binarangabanga na an balyena?

Segun sa sarong pilyong chismoso, marinas man daa cotana an ginibo ni Boboy, tanganing magin duwa an gobernador. Dati na daang duwa an congressman, kaya lalong maasenso an Islang Maogma ta duwa na an gobernador, he! he! he!

The governor’s feisty new lawyer

The woman lawyer, according to people close to the governor, is a frequent visitor to the Ombudsman and Sandiganbayan offices and courts where the bulk of her cases have been filed.

The Tiger’s chances in the Year of the Metal Rat

In one among probably hundreds of predictions for 2020, the Tiger’s aggressive approach sometimes works in his favor, but only under certain circumstances and will not necessarily ensure a rewarding outcome.

Mall occupants now exempt from locational clearance

We don’t know if the 11 municipal governments in Catanduanes received the ARTA circular in time. It is highly likely that the towns have yet to get a copy since the document is usually sent through the mail. If implemented here, the ARTA’s move would be welcome news to stall owners and occupants of the two malls in Virac. Now, for establishments inside central business districts, the CLUP would have to be checked if it has designated a CBD in the town.